How Ginseng can improve your potency

Ginseng, also known as the “king of herbs,” is a traditional Chinese medicine that has been used as an aphrodisiac for many centuries. Bones and tortoise shells dating back to 3000BC have been found to contain inscriptions about ginseng. Since 500AD the Asians, mostly the Koreans, and the Chinese have used this remarkable herb to decrease fatigue, increase sexual stamina and to boost libido.  Scientific research about the biochemistry of ginseng has also confirmed that indeed ginseng helps to improve a man`s potency. ProSolution from is also a great alternative as it is a recent and unique formula which works!

Ginseng mechanism of action

So ginseng claims to boost a man`s libido levels, improve mood and energy levels (stamina), support the immune system, and to promote the general health of the individual. How does it work? The herb`s mechanism of action depends on its bioactive substances called ginsenosides which might differ with every type of ginseng. However they have the same molecular similarities, they both have hydrophobic steroidal 4-ring structures with sugar moieties attached.  The specific mechanism of action is not known, but it increases the blood flow in the penile region and solves all erectile dysfunction problems.

Korea researched Korean men, 45 men with an average age of 54 who had certified impotence. All the participants underwent a punctilious, one-week long baseline medical assessment, which included testing of their erectile potency (lack of erection). One group of the men were then given a 900 mg of KRG for three times a day for the next eight weeks while the other group was given a placebo, both unknowingly.  After the eight weeks, both groups of men went on two week washout period, and they did not receive any pills. Then after the two weeks, the two teams were blindly interchanged, and those who were taking KRG were given placebos and vice versa. This was a relevant experiment as each man served as a control.

The results of this research confirmed that indeed KRG lives up to its claims with 60% of the men who took KRG reporting significant improvements in their ability to maintain and achieve a firm erection which is similar to Viagra. They also reported increased libido and satisfaction. Further studies can be found on NCBI. If Ginseng fails, you can also try ProSolution, it’s affordable and 100% natural.



Effective ways you can take action to preserve nature

Seeing those polluted cities covered by a mist that does not let its inhabitants breathe, makes you look for effective ways to protect nature. If you want to enjoy the amazing view of green fields covered with colorful flowers, rethink your daily habits that harm the environment. Change them by joining community organizations that show compassion for our planet through their daring initiatives.

Take effective actions to conserve nature

The most efficient way to take care of the environment is definitely to improve the way you recycle. Before inviting beautiful girls to have dinner at your place, gather your energetic waste and bring it to the community organization from your city. The vibrant ladies from EROS will be thrilled to find out that you did such a useful thing. And more than that, they will probably follow your example. Recycling is not only about throwing the waste where it can be reused for other things but also about increasing the active life of your personal items. Convince the gorgeous ladies you admire so much to continue using their phones for a longer time or, why not, to donate them.

Obviously many people use personal cars in large cities, like London. However, consider to give it up when you take a girl to an exclusive club. Instead of driving, take a cab to get you quickly to your destination. Additionally, use your bike when going to work. Without question, you will need a car to travel around the city but choosing an eco-friendly one is an efficient way to preserve nature. Check the pollution degree before buying a personal vehicle. Moments later, give your friend a ride through the city, explaining the benefits of an ecological car.

Preserve nature before it is too late

Do everything you can to conserve the natural resources we still have. This includes also making those around you aware of how important is to preserve nature before it is too late. When you spend a great time with your girl, do not forget to mention her about this. Next, you should advise her a bit about recycling, following to invite her to planting actions organized by your community workers. This girl that likes to live to the fullest in the company of wealthy men might surprise you with her respect for nature.

Visit places almost untouched by technology, such as Carp Hills, with some adventurous girls This will give you a boost to cherish even more nature, no matter where you live. Let the beach astonish you with clean sparkling sand and fresh salty air coming from the seaside.

Other effective ways to protect nature is to save electricity and water as much as you can. Probably this will not be possible when friends will come visit you but do your best to keep the beauty of our planet go on.

Outstanding lively landscapes and clear sunset; make it all possible through everything you do. Maintain your behavior balanced to conserve the environment that has been severely neglected so far. These simple actions will prove to be highly effective ways to protect nature.