How Ginseng can improve your potency

Ginseng, also known as the “king of herbs,” is a traditional Chinese medicine that has been used as an aphrodisiac for many centuries. Bones and tortoise shells dating back to 3000BC have been found to contain inscriptions about ginseng. Since 500AD the Asians, mostly the Koreans, and the Chinese have used this remarkable herb to decrease fatigue, increase sexual stamina and to boost libido.  Scientific research about the biochemistry of ginseng has also confirmed that indeed ginseng helps to improve a man`s potency. ProSolution from is also a great alternative as it is a recent and unique formula which works!

Ginseng mechanism of action

So ginseng claims to boost a man`s libido levels, improve mood and energy levels (stamina), support the immune system, and to promote the general health of the individual. How does it work? The herb`s mechanism of action depends on its bioactive substances called ginsenosides which might differ with every type of ginseng. However they have the same molecular similarities, they both have hydrophobic steroidal 4-ring structures with sugar moieties attached.  The specific mechanism of action is not known, but it increases the blood flow in the penile region and solves all erectile dysfunction problems.

Korea researched Korean men, 45 men with an average age of 54 who had certified impotence. All the participants underwent a punctilious, one-week long baseline medical assessment, which included testing of their erectile potency (lack of erection). One group of the men were then given a 900 mg of KRG for three times a day for the next eight weeks while the other group was given a placebo, both unknowingly.  After the eight weeks, both groups of men went on two week washout period, and they did not receive any pills. Then after the two weeks, the two teams were blindly interchanged, and those who were taking KRG were given placebos and vice versa. This was a relevant experiment as each man served as a control.

The results of this research confirmed that indeed KRG lives up to its claims with 60% of the men who took KRG reporting significant improvements in their ability to maintain and achieve a firm erection which is similar to Viagra. They also reported increased libido and satisfaction. Further studies can be found on NCBI. If Ginseng fails, you can also try ProSolution, it’s affordable and 100% natural.